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Vitamin D plays a vital role in maintaining normal blood calcium levels, strong bones, and an efficient muscular and nervous system. Unfortunately, most people do not get enough vitamin D, and low levels of vitamin D are associated with many symptoms of poor health and the development of several diseases. Increasing levels of vitamin D with supplements may provide many health benefits, however, it isn’t as simple as buying a bottle of vitamin D and popping a pill every day. In fact, some people should avoid vitamin D. Vitamin-D Pro will analyze your vitamin D as well as the closely related calcium levels to provide you with the ultimate program tailored just for you.

All adults can benefit from the Vitamin-D Pro App.

Vitamin-D Pro is an easy to use app produced by expert doctors using decades of experience gained from the data from tens of thousands of patients they have treated for low vitamin D. There are two groups of people the Vitamin-D Pro app is aimed to serve: those with low vitamin D levels who have a problem that must be addressed, and those with normal vitamin D levels who want to make sure they are optimized to take advantage of the health benefits of this powerful, essential vitamin.

Low Vitamin D Levels? The App Will Tell You Why.

Vitamin-D Pro was produced specifically for people whose doctor recommended they take vitamin D because their vitamin D is low, or because of a problem with blood calcium levels, osteoporosis, or parathyroid gland function. Low vitamin D problems are evaluated and analyzed by the app in much more detail than your doctor can provide. Vitamin-D Pro will help you and your doctor diagnose the causes of low vitamin D, determining if there is an underlying problem that led to the low Vitamin D.  Low vitamin D can be from lack of sun exposure, but it can also be caused by hyperparathyroidism, a disease caused by a tumor within the parathyroid glands. Intestinal problems such as Celiac Disease can also affect vitamin D levels. Each of these situations are examined and diagnosed.

Normal Vitamin D Levels?  You Can Still Benefit From Vitamin D.

Taking vitamin D can improve your health, even if your vitamin D levels are normal.  People wishing to take full advantage of the multiple health benefits of vitamin D will gain from the analytic and tracking tools followed by specific recommendations for the amount and type of vitamin D supplements based upon your personal health profile. The app will provide a vitamin D supplementation schedule based upon your health profile, and will even connect you to the Amazon store where we will select the best vitamin D supplements for you.

Osteoporosis or Calcium Problems? Hyperparathyroidism?  Let the App Help Figure it Out!

Vitamin-D Pro app will be extremely helpful distinguishing primary hyperparathyroidism from secondary hyperparathyroidism and indicate which patients should be taking high doses of vitamin D from those who should be avoiding Vitamin-D and pursuing parathyroid surgery. Low vitamin D is seen in almost all people with primary hyperparathyroidism due to a parathyroid tumor. Most doctors have a difficult time telling primary hyperparathyroidism (due to a tumor) from secondary hyperparathyroidism (treated with vitamin D and calcium), with the vast majority of doctors getting this wrong. The Vitamin-D Pro app will help make the correct diagnosis and provide guidance for you and your doctor.

Learn About the Many Health Benefits of Vitamin D.

The Vitamin-D Pro app has an extensive learning center that will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about this amazing and essential vitamin. Dozens of topics are covered in detail, written by our expert physicians, including links to hundreds of published research articles.

Purchase the Best Vitamin D Formulation For You.

The Vitamin-D Pro app will make specific recommendations about which type of vitamin D is right for you, and what the recommended dose would be, based upon the most up to date medical guidelines. We’ll even take you to the Amazon store to the right products for you.

Amazing Graphs Help Visualize Your Analysis, and Track Your Progress.

Because of the close interaction between vitamin D and calcium, Vitamin-D Pro will analyze blood calcium, parathyroid hormone function and bone density (osteoporosis). Give Vitamin-D Pro your labs and let the app help guide you to a science-based analysis that is not available anywhere else. This amazing app can help you and your doctor track each of these important health issues, making sure you are moving in the right direction.

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